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When it comes to ensuring you have the perfect tyres fitted on your MINI, you won't go wrong with MINI Star Marked Tyres. Designed in collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers, MINI Star Marked Tyres are developed to guarantee the best performance from your MINI and are tailored to your specific model. 

MINI approved tyres are marked with a 'star' emblem on the sidewall of the tyre. The star lets you know that your MINI's replacement tyres are every bit as good as the originals.

We will be more than happy to carry out a tyre health check for you. We'll look for any bulges or cracks in your tyres and if they need replacing, we'll only fit the best tyres - MINI approved Star Marked Tyres.



Many MINIs are fitted with run-flat tyres - this means that even with a puncture, you can safely drive for up to 50 miles at 50 mph until you reach a MINI Centre. You can spot if your car has run-flat tyres by checking the side walls of your tyres. If they are run-flat tyres they will have a circle with RSC inside. This stands for ‘Run System Component’ and indicates your car has run-flat tyres.



You can check your tyre tread by using a depth gauge or the tyre wear indicators that you'll find within the base of the tyre tread groove. Once the tyre tread has worn below these indicators your tyres are illegal. We recommend you replace your tyres when they're down to 3mm, as by this point, road-holding, acceleration and braking will already be compromised, especially in wet and wintry conditions. Remember, when your tyres are below the legal limit this can result in a fine and penalty points on your driving license.

Tyre pressure can also have a serious effect on the way your tyres wear and your car handles. Make sure to regularly check your tyres to ensure the tyre pressure is correct as this will maintain the life of your tyres for longer.

MINI are on hand to assist you with a tyre health check should you need us to, and we can advise the correct MINI approved Star Marked Tyre for your car if a replacement is required. Get in touch with us to find out more about MINI approved Star Marked Tyres.


Winter Wheels and Tyres.

As the temperature dips to 7°C and below, standard tyres harden and no longer provide optimum adhesion, compromising performance when accelerating, braking and cornering.

Switching to MINI Winter Wheels and Tyres for the colder months not only increases safety but, since they wear more slowly than standard tyres in low temperatures, they last longer and provide cost-effective winter motoring. And what's more, Winter Wheels and Tyres start at extremely competitive prices.